The Intimate Care Guide:

The Vagina is an area Regularly inhabited with God Bacteria, Which Helps in maintaining the acidity(pH 3.5) of the vagina, which protects it from various infections using anti-bacterial activity. The main reason for iches, rashes, discharges, inflammations and infections is the violation of the natural bacterial balance and change in the acidity level which can we a result of various factors  such as medications and antibiotics, a bad quality lingerie.I

Importance of a Good quality Lingerie

Intimate wear are garments closest to ones body and hence it is very important to buy products that are good for your skin and will not harm you in anyway.

Cotton panties are important in women’s underwear because they reduce the possibility of itching, infection and odor.
Since the cotton breathes, it successfully removes all the unnecessary moisture from the vagina.
Yeast infection is very common in women who do not wear cotton underwear.
Synthetic materials do not breathe, which means they retain heat, which eventually increases the possibility of accumulation of Bad bacteria in the vagina.
Bacteria can eventually cause a yeast infection.

Of course, this does not mean that it is not advisable to buy seductive panties made of synthetic materials that will seduce your partner.
If you wear panties for a long time, and you want them to be a little more sexy, look for ones that have the cotton crotch, because that is the most important part.
The rest of the underwear does not have to be made out of cotton.

Why is it important to use a 100% Natural Feminine Wash

-It is Gentle

-It Deep Cleanses

-It is Disinfectant

-It is Antibacterial, Heal inflammation

-It Combats Bad Odor & Discomfort

-It is Uplifting, Stalls premature Aging

-It makes skin Firm, Has Anti oxidant Properties

-It Enhances Youthfulness of sensitive Area’s, Gives a Divine Sensation

-It Contains NO Artificial Detergent Lathers, NO Artificial Fragrance,NO SLES, SLS, SULPHATES,

-It Contains Aromatherapy Benefits

How To Use

While bathing, gently cleanse the intimate area with the Luxe Feminine Wash. Rinse Well.