Health Benefits Of Copper:

Copper is one of a relatively small group of metallic elements which exhibits numerous health benefits and properties.
this metal together with fatty and amino acids and vitamins help to trigger regular metabolic processes of the Body.
Deficiency of copper in the human body is a common phenomenon as it cannot be produced within the human body.
Hence it is essential that the human diet must supply regular dose of copper.

The intake of copper is vital for maintaining a healthy existence. When taken in the right amounts, it provides the amazing health benefits:

1. Promotes Growth:

Copper is essential for effective growth and metabolism.
It must be bound to a protein to be usable.
Since the human body cannot effectively synthesize copper, it should form part of the regular diet in the right proportions.
2. Pigmentation of Skin, Hair and Eyes:

The presence of copper can be explained in two forms, copper gluconate and copper sulphate.
Virtually found in every cell of the human body,
this trace element helps in the production of melanin in the human body which is responsible for the pigmentation of skin, hair and eyes.

Besides its numerous health benefits, copper plays an important role in skin care too.
Copper peptides and copper gluconates are a promising treatment in skincare.
Copper ingredients aid in collagen production and skin regeneration and increase the effects of antioxidants.