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1.1 I recently ordered from ReverieBox! How soon before I receive my purchased products?

First of all, hearty Congratulations for your purchases.  As each and every one of the beauty products sold on ReverieBox is very safe and doesn’t cause any harm to our sensitive skin-types, they’re all manufactured without any parabens!  The specifically curated monthly subscription boxes are an sentimentality in today’s fast paced world for the free-thinking and independent-modern women of the 21st century. Reverie Box is sole-innovator in the Eco-friendly and nontoxic beauty-wellness products at a cost-effective prices. Your purchased beauty and skincare branded beauty box from ReverieBox would reach you within 2 weeks from placing the order.

1.2 What is your shipping policy? Do I have to pay for shipping?

ReverieBox is determined to furnish a seamless shopping experience, whilst assuring your healthy and glowing skin, naturally. The ReverieBox Monthly Boxes are shipped absolutely free of any cost for each and every one of our members. A minimal delivery costing is accrued at every billing order that is less than 500 INR. The nominal shipping fee is only of 50 INR per delivery. Apart for this, hidden costs and other charges are never applied in any of the orders, regardless of all the circumstances.

1.3 Why ReverieBox?

One of the most complicated and toughest of choices that a women has to take on a daily basis are concerned with her health and fitness as well as her incessant hunt for the perfect beauty products. ReverieBox is all about having a healthy lifestyle and focusing on the importance of beauty, and for that you have to feel beauty from the inside and then radiating the glow to your outside world. After all, beauty is what appeases the soul and offends none! Consequently, your endless search for the holy grail of skincare products. Our extravagant and richly opulent skin care, hair nourishment, fragrances, makeup-beauty and lifestyle categories cater to the ever-evolving and the highly sensitive needs of ladies from every section of the society. In addition to introducing our subscribers to established beauty brands, we support and provide a platform for smaller, emerging brands to gain exposure. With today’s hectic lifestyles and budget concerns, women seldom get the time to shuffle through the ceaseless lists of products in the cosmetic industry. Helping you discover your Ultimate Beauty Arsenal is sole aim of ReverieBox, and we are obsessed with everything healthy both for you and for the environment. That’s what makes us so special and worth your time.

1.4 What if I need to cancel my subscription? – (Need more info!!)

We value the trust you place in us when you sign up for a multi-month subscription and are committed to doing everything in our powers to delight you with your monthly delivery of curated beauty products. However, in the event that you choose to cancel your ReverieBox subscription mid-way, we promise to make the process absolutely simple. To cancel an ongoing subscription, please email us at .
We will cancel your subscription and refund you the difference between what you paid for your subscription and the billable amount for the months where you received your bag. The billable amount will be calculated by multiplying the number of months applicable with the prevailing rate of the 1-month subscription at the time when you purchased your subscription.

1.5 What are Parabens?

Parabens belong to a class of added preservatives, widely used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. A chemical series of parahydroxybenzoates or esters of parahydroxybenzoic acid, Parabens are unfortunately absorbed by the skin despite all claims otherwise. Parabens have also been found in biopsies from the breast tumors. Hence, in our zealous efforts to promote and provide with healthy cosmetics, none of the products sold with ReverieBox contain parabens.

1.6 Natural in what sense? Are your products really effective?

ReverieBox products are solely made from compounds that are  very natural, with no Parabens. This completely rules out any chances of sustaining any side-effects and unwanted results. The absolute use and strict regulation of exclusively natural ingredients results in efficacious cosmetics and we thrive on our highly reliable beauty products.

1.7 What is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate?

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, or SLS, as it is often known, is an inexpensive foaming agent used in many beauty products. It is known as an irritant and causes eye and skin irritation. We do not sell any products containing SLS or SLES.

1.8 Do you have a rewards program?

ReverieBox has an awesome rewards program for all our favorite shopaholic ladies. You can learn more here.

1.9 Do you have an affiliate program?

Not at the moment but we’re certainly working on the same. Wanna know more, click here.

2.0 How can I collaborate with ReverieBox and sell my naturally prepared cosmetics with ReverieBox.

Wow, that’d be wonderful, Rad! Well, it’s actually pretty simple. Just fill up the contact form with a brief message stating the same. Also, kindly ensure that the communication is submitted with the ‘Business Enquiry’ option. Moreover, in our endeavor to ensure only natural-skin friendly products, every seller is strictly evaluated and their process techniques are scrutinized with intense detailing. After all, we cannot under no circumstance compromise with our business ethos and quality standards. We also evaluate individual products to ensure that control and consistency is maintained at all times. If you feel that you’ve got what it takes to be a part of ReverieBox ‘Sellers Community’, all loaded with exclusive benefits, then don’t wait any longer and click here


2.1 What are the Terms and Conditions of purchase at ReverieBox.

You’ll find all our terms and conditions on the T&C page.

2.2 Tell us more about these Natural ngredients.

Almost every member of ReverieBox is crazy over beauty products and have faced disappointments after disappointments every month over the usually shipped products constituting parabens and other unpleasant chemicals. We knew that were many others like us, the health and future conscious amongst us who would appreciate skincare products and beauty boxes made from only the pure, natural and organic* ingredients only. All of our products are free from parabens. Hence, ReverieBox was started with the motive of helping all the gorgeous ladies with eco-friendly and harmless beauty-cosmetic products.

2.4 What is so special about this?

At Reverie Box, we’re driven by our passion for high quality beauty products and delightful service, the likes of which leave a smile on all your faces. We acknowledge the fact that our members are health conscious-beauty enthusiasts, are always looking for great products that would work perfectly as per their specific beauty needs and tastes, but on the other hand hardly have time, access or resources to try out and experience from the massive array of cosmetics available in the market. Our seasoned team of beauticians and skin care experts also advice members on how to make the best use of these products and keep them abreast with the latest beauty and fashion trends and also insider know-how through our attractively engaging newsletters and magazine. We pride ourselves on our wide range of brands and products, exclusive free gifts with purchases and fantastic member rewards.

2.5 How are we different from other beauty boxes?

ReverieBox has expertise in discovery of beauty products and cosmetics that are healthy and cause no harm to our skin. We’re not an organization that believes in the concept of sample beauty boxes. Our sole mission is to ensure that you get beauty with the  beauty products. Our healthy beauty boxes and their contents are carefully chosen through our Inspired Curation process. The beauty boxes of ReverieBox are made with Natural ingredients and absolutely are devoid of all Harmful chemicals. Moreover, by subscribing to the membership of ReverieBox, you get an exclusive fifteen (10) percent discount on our beauty boxes, monthly specials and on the recently introduced products.  we do not permit the Brands to use any preservatives or similar active chemicals in our products, and only use natural and organic ingredients. Contact us to know more on this.

2.6 What is the value of the monthly beauty box?

The monthly box has a minimal marked price of  within 1k, and this may inflate minimally under certain situations of a difficult nature. ReverieBox is here to assist you with the discovery of healthy beauty products and some of the key aspects of our Services:
QUALITY: High-end Luxury Beauty Products. Chemical Free. ReverieBox Beauty Boxes with monthly bonuses.
CURATION: Carefully selected products as per skin type, age and in accordance with the climatic season.
SAFETY: Absolutely no Side-Effects. Free of Toxins. Animal Cruelty: Nil.
VALUE: An unbeatable value for money, starting from 1250 INR and over, per month.
LOYALTY: A 15% discount every day in our Beauty Store
CONVENIENCE: Meticulously curated, healthy beauty products and discovery portal with door-to-door delivery service.