Pedicures may not interest you as you probably think painted toenails and pretty feet.
What if we tell you we are referring to something so much more….. We will share with you the importance of Foot Care!


Due to our lifestyles, we tend to forget how important our feet are. The muscles in our feet need exercise too! Just for 10-20 minutes massage session before going to bed, this will help improve circulation all over our body.

Massaging your feet is very important, especially for those who are frequently visited by anxiety attack or even to the cancer patients, who are unease, not comfortable. The massage will help them fight depression and stress.

Foot Spa Massage reduces symptoms of headache as well as the migraines.

Foot Massage can Reduce High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)
High blood pressure is another common illness that science has shown to be improved by foot massage.

Foot Massage for Relief of PMS symptoms
Many women across the world suffer from intolerable PMS symptoms each month, including bloating, mood changes and cramping.

It is not just a FOOT SPA! It doesn’t mean you only have to pamper your feet by painting your toenails, but also helping your body to become healthy again.

A treatment that allows the entire body to be in a GOOD CONDITION.

Get yourself a  to a Luxurious DIY Chamomile and Lemongrass Foot Care in the ReverieBox.