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Sea Mineral Natural Face Wash Marine Luxuries

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Being One with VANA, is being One with Nature.

~ VANA Face Wash Benefits ~

-It is Gentle yet Deep Cleansing

-It is Clarifying

-It is Toning

-It is Astringent in Nature

-It Combats Acne and Breakouts

-It is Refreshing

-It is Tightening

~ VANA Face Wash is unique because ~

-It contains NO Detergent Lathers

-It contains NO Unnatural Preservatives

-It is SLS, SLES, Sulphate Free

-It is Parabens Free

~ Why is it Important to use Face Wash? ~

The face is the initial page of your personality. You should not hesitate to take good care of it. A Face Wash is one of the important things that we need in our daily life, as the face is always exposed to all types of bacteria and pollution, hence making it very dirty and sometimes itchy. The damage of this dirt and exposure can be immense, especially if the skin’s needs aren’t catered to thereafter.

The importance of a Face Wash is immeasurable as it does countless good to skin : Using it in the morning helps protect from direct exposure to dangerous elements that you may encounter all day. Washing in the night before you sleep, removes all the dirt, oil and dust, helping skin to easily absorb the essential ingredients of the wash, while you are asleep. Furthermore, the skin can only absorb the goodness of a Toner or Moisturizer, when it is cleansed well, hence crediting further importance to a Face Wash.

What you should be cautious about is hazardous ingredients and chemical laden products. Avoid the potentially toxic ingredients in many conventional personal care products, by opting for more Natural & Safe Products.

~ Why chose VANA ? ~

VANA Luxuries are crated for your Wellness, with the purity of Nature being incorporated at every possible stage. VANA Face Wash is as safe as can be, as it does not contain Parabens that can cause serious illnesses. The Wash is also Sulphate Free, not containing SLS and SLES, which are all detergents that may lead to itching and are also suspected as causes of Cancer.

With VANA, you are taken care of. Beauty and Skin Health are a way of life, do not look for temporary solutions.



Welcome to the wonders of the Blue Waters! Sea Minerals support protective function of the skin and have calming and regenerative effects while other precious ingredients in VANA’s luxurious cleanser tone, lift, soften and protect skin.

Rejuvenate and Restore with precious Marine Ingredients that are curative and pampering. Blissful is the mild aroma of the Blue Waters.

The Story of VANA~ 
 0% Parabens | 0% Sulphates | 0% Synthetic Fragrances
~Wishing you Wellness, Today and Always~

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